Let’s Talk About That Post-Credits Scene (Sort-of Movie Review: The Wolverine)

“As I told you once before, you are not the only one with gifts.”

–  Oh, I’m SO not spoiling who said that


If anyone is here to actually read my thoughts on the movie The Wolverine, then okay, let’s get this over with: it was not good, not bad. Definitely my least favorite X-Men movie, but it sounds like a lot of people disagree with that. It had good action scenes and some good humor, but in my opinion there were too few mutants and way too many ninjas. I did like how they incorporated Jean into it, however. There should’ve been even more of that. In any case, it was a solid film, at least worth watching when it hits DVD.

Okay! Whew. Now let’s get to the REAL reason you should pay $9.50 to walk into the theater.

For anyone who hasn’t already heard, this movie has a post- (or should I say mid-) credits scene. It’s approximately one minute long, and that minute is worth more than the entire rest of the movie. Why? Because it takes a single message and shoves it in your face, so intensely that you can’t help but believe it: that the next X-Men movie is going to be the best X-Men—and possibly one of the best movies, period—ever.

There was plenty of reason to be excited for it even before this post-credits scene. Let’s look at all the reasons X-Men fans should be struggling not to pee their pants when it comes to the upcoming installment, Days of Future Past, due to hit theaters next summer:

  • Bryan Singer, the original director and writer of the first two X-Men movies, is returning to write, direct and produce this one.
  • The entire cast of the X-Men prequel, First Class, is returning.
  • The entire cast of the ORIGINAL X-MEN SERIES is returning. Storm? Yep. Rogue? Yep. Iceman? Yes, sir. Kitty and Colossus? Oh, yeah. William Stryker, Wolverine’s creator? Heck yes. Wolverine himself? You got it. And of course, Magneto and Charles Xavier, played by their original actors? Why, yes indeed.
  • Days of Future Past will involve time travel, which means the actors from First Class will mix with the actors from the original trilogy to explore our favorite characters at all the coolest—and most important—parts of their lives.
  • The film will be shot in 3D. Not really a super selling point, but still exciting.

Okay. Now, as promised, let’s talk about that post-credits scene. If you have the money to spend, I’d go and see The Wolverine. It’s a good movie, and seeing the post-cred scene for yourself is better than reading about it. But if you have no interest in Wolverine and just want the goods on the minute scene, well, here we go.

The scene involves Logan walking through an airport two years after the events of The Wolverine, AKA three years after The Last Stand. He’s about to walk through security when metal coins sitting next to him start to float into the air.

Oh yes they did. Hi there, Magneto.

That was tasty enough. But then after Wolverine threatens Magneto, he notices that everyone around them has frozen. This is a trick that true X-Men fans will remember well from X2. And yes, exactly as you’re praying, we turn to see none other than Professor Charles Xavier himself, fully alive and well.

Me in the theater:


“As I told you once before, you are not the only one with gifts.”

Okay, so I did spoil who said that. But come on, let’s get talking!

Sadly, there isn’t all that much to do other than talk. Speculation is all we have right now. But it’s exciting speculation. This is like Avengers, except better, because it’ll presumably link up all of the X-Men movies in a super juicy, action-packed film from the original writer/director of the series himself. That’s one direction I wasn’t expecting this series to take, but boy am I glad it is. Can you imagine how much story they could pack into this? And when you throw in the element of time traveling, no character is off-limits. Maybe we’ll see another surprise visit from Jean, or Scott, or Victor Creed?

The only thing I know for sure? I’ll be one of the first in line when Days of Future Past hits theaters. Mark your calendars, people. Because on May 23, 2014, we can expect some box office records to shatter.