About the 8

Hi there! If you’re reading this, it means you’re curious enough about my blog to explore what it’s about. For that I thank you.

So. A bit about me, and my blog.

I don’t have too much of a dramatic excuse for filling up the internet with my thoughts. I just do. I’m not a famous person, nor a person with a special talent, nor even a published author, for God’s sake. I just love writing. And movies, and writing about movies. And writing about writing about movies, and writing about writing about writing…

You get the idea.

I’m just a teenage guy with lots of stories in my head and a passion for turning them into books. Mostly quirky YA contemporary, but I’ve done Middle Grade Fantasy as well. I decided to start this blog because I wanted to offer commentary towards certain things going on, from movies (both old and new) to the writing process, to random things such as the ridiculousness of the internet or the craziness of high school.

So that’s me.

As or the blog name: no, I am not a kid who thought it would be cute to replace letters in a word with the number eight. And I’m certainly not a kid who uses the phrase ‘super’ in everyday conversation.

The blog’s name is a reference to a movie that was released in June 2011, a somewhat obscure film called Super 8. I didn’t see it until December of that year, but it instantly became my new favorite film. Something about it just grabbed me, and the main character (played by the phenomenal actor Joel Courtney) inspired the main character of my first book.

So now you know all my secrets! By taking two minutes to read this, you now know that I’m a blogger who likes to write—quelle surprise—and that my blog was not, in fact, named by a little girl who only speaks in texting language.

Feel free to look around! I talk about writing, movies, and plenty of other.