Movie Review: Non-Stop

Fighter Pilot: “Agent Marks, our fighter squad has you in our sights. Do you hear me?”

Bill Marks: “We’re running out of time! Do YOU hear ME?”



Well! This is a bit late, isn’t it?

My veteran readers are well aware that by some law of physics or another, it’s impossible for me to post movie reviews on time, when they would actually be helpful to people. As it was, I’d post a movie review a few weeks late and apologize for the delay. Then I’d promise the next one would be on time.

And my readers and I were all like:

So, anyway, my implied policy now is, movie reviews must be late. Also, I’m crazy busy. Which is why I’m posting this now, even though I saw the film on its release date eleven days ago. As usual, I’ll keep this free of spoilers.

The setup:

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Non-Stop, just think Taken on an airplane. Liam Neeson portrays Bill Marks, a nearly retired air Marshall who’s detached from his family and a former alcoholic. During a flight to London, he receives a text message saying that if he doesn’t wire $150 million dollars into an account, someone on the plane will die every twenty minutes. But this threat turns out to be the start of a much bigger plan.

It’s a simple but enticing premise. No, the movie won’t rock your socks off or anything, but it more than lives up to its hype. From the moment the plane leaves the runway, the action kicks off and doesn’t stop until…well, I won’t spoil how it ends. But it’s a pretty crazy flight.

What I liked:

As you might expect, the film’s number one asset in my opinion was Liam Neeson. Let’s momentarily set aside the fact that I have a huge man crush on him and will see pretty much anything he’s in, as long as he’s shouting at and/or killing someone.

(But seriously. This man could recite phone book to me and I would be thoroughly entertained.

And if you didn’t think there was a video out there of Liam Neeson reading Justin Bieber lyrics, you haven’t looked through the internet as hard as I have.)

Ahem. Anyway.

Apart from that, he still does well in this role. If another actor were the lead, I’d probably give this movie an average rating. My bro Liam makes it highly enjoyable.

Other assets: since you’re wondering, no, it isn’t a stupid plot. As far as I can tell from my experience, mystery thrillers tend to either play out how you’d expect, or they pleasantly surprise you and keep things interesting. Non-Stop does the second. You won’t be mind-blown or anything by the big reveal, but you probably won’t figure it out, either.

The action is excellent. Just picture everything cool you can do with an unknown enemy, mystery plot and Liam Neeson all mashed together on an airplane, and it’s done in this movie. Liam Neeson makes several takedowns which drew applause from my fellow moviegoers in the theater.

Have I mentioned Liam Neeson yet?

What I didn’t like:

Okay, so when you REALLY look at the plot, you can find a few holes. No gaping ones, but this movie doesn’t exactly hold up under microscopic inspection. I personally don’t care that much. It’s an entertainment film! It’s not supposed to have any grand message or flawless storyline. Its only job is to keep you on the edge of your seat, and I think it accomplishes that.

In conclusion: This movie lives up to its promise, and while it’s not the most mind-wrenching film of the year, it’s one of the most thrilling ones I’ve seen in a while. Plus, you know. Liam Neeson.

Rate: 7 out of 10 Liam Neesons.



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