High School vs. College: Snow Days

“Getting an inch of snow is like winning ten cents in the lottery.”

–  Bill Watterson


Luckily for me, I live in an area where snow is relatively common. We don’t get hammered by blizzards or anything, but generally every year we get a few snow days. The exceptional winter four years ago (2009-2010), when I was a high school Freshman, brought the Snowpocalypse which shut down school for a solid three weeks.

It was awesome.

This past Sunday, I woke up and looked out the window to see a few flakes of it starting to fall.

Woohoo! Snow is totally awesome, right?

It became a bit less totally awesome when I realized I had to walk through said snow if I wished to eat.

I flipped a coin.

In any case, my suitemates and I ended up hiding out in our room for the rest of the day. A few other friends came up, we decided to order pizza, and we all chilled there for the night while watching the movie Crazy Stupid Love (don’t worry; some of the people watching were girls).

And the next two days were snow days.

I’ll go ahead and compare snow days in high school to college.

Photo credit: iFunny

Photo credit: iFunny


Snow days in high school:

If anyone’s experience happens like mine did, then it goes something like this: you go to bed praying to every deity you can think of that there will NOT be school tomorrow; in fact, you’re counting on it, to the point where you didn’t do your homework. You Tweet about it. You seriously consider going to the superintendent’s house and hosing down their driveway. Then you finally go to bed clinging to the hope that you’ll get to sleep in.

Then when you get to, it’s fantastic.

After waking up late, you probably eat a lazy breakfast and watch movies in your pajamas. For some reason, I always watched the same movie, Perks of Being a Wallflower. Then I’d finally will myself to throw on some snow clothes, go outside, and alternate between shoveling the driveway and throwing snow. Most of my friends went sledding, too.

Then to finish it off, you probably come inside, take a super hot shower, and drink hot chocolate while watching TV. And you don’t do any homework.

Pretty cool, right?


Snow days in college:

Don’t worry, these are still awesome, just not quite as much.

First of all, for the record, snow days do happen in college. Contrary to popular belief, teachers don’t live in little lairs underneath their classrooms. They go home. Plus, a lot of college kids commute. In other words, if the roads are bad, school is closed.

In college, there are a few improvements to said days of snow. For one, all your friends are right near you! So you can all meet up and hang out. Granted, more often than not, people actually just take the time to sleep rather than hang out. But the option is there.

Second of all, campuses tend to have better hills for sledding. I know ours does. My friends and I meant to go, but it was REALLY cold out, and by the time it got warm enough for us to dare set foot outdoors, the snow had turned into slush. A few more ambitious students did make snowmen, however.

The point I really want to hit, though, is one I mentioned earlier: in most cases, in college, you can’t eat all of your meals (if any) from your dorm room. You have to brave the cold and march across the ice to the dining hall for sustenance.

My suitemates and I did it, but barely. We slid a few times, my socks were soaked by the time we got there, and my walk transformed into my emperor-penguin style shuffle. This shuffle involves clenching your shoulders, folding your arms close to your body, and loudly demanding that the freezing wind go have sexual relations with itself.

So, to conclude: snow days are awesome either way. In both cases you get off of school and get to lay around doing nothing. However, in college, you get to do this with your friends, even if you almost freeze your butts off whilst attempting to eat.

Winner: College, by a close shot.

Enjoy the snow, everyone!


2 thoughts on “High School vs. College: Snow Days

  1. Wearing a coat wasn’t an option, naturally. Great post though. I’m sort of excited for college now.

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