ReBlog: Rick Riordan’s Thoughts on Becoming Published

“My point: no number of connections will get a bad first novel published. The flipside to this may seem radical: A good novel will find an outlet one way or another, whether you know someone or not.”

–  Rick Riordan

*Holding up hands sheepishly* Sorry, sorry everyone, I know I haven’t blogged in weeks! I’m a terrible WordPress user. Unfortunately finals are bearing down on me and I don’t have time to write a post today.

BUT. I just read a fantastic blog entry from Rick Riordan, the author of the bestselling Percy Jackson novels and one of my personal favorite authors. In this post, he describes his journey to publication and his theories on how/why beginning novelists succeed or fail. If you have time, do yourself a favor and read it…the tone and style of the post are almost identical to my own, and the advice gave me a serious confidence boost towards my own publication attempts.

I’ll try to blog soon!


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