Here’s a Fun Nostalgia Game

“So don’t wait for someone to tell you it’s too late, cause these are the best days

There’s always something tomorrow, so I say, let’s make the best of tonight

Here comes the rest of our lives.”

–  Graham Colton, “Best Days”


Let’s say you stop me on the street (after creepily tracing my identity and locating where I live, something I hope never happens) and ask me a question. The question: “out of all the good memories you have, what is the most special day of the year to you?” If you asked me that, I would have a complicated answer. I would say something about how there are too many awesome days with awesome memories to pick from. That’s a good answer, right?

But, if you’d asked me the same question—say, six months ago—I’d have had a much simpler answer: the most special day of the year, as related to my favorite memories, is July 19th.

I’ll try to keep the explanation brief, but essentially, that was the first time my middle school friends and I all got together and hung out after graduation. I didn’t have too much of a social life in eighth grade. But, seven of us decided to see the sixth Harry Potter movie the summer before high school, and it was one of the highlights of my summer.

For a while, I considered that one of my most fun social outings. Every July 19th in years to come, when those friends and I all moved further and further into high school, the memory always stuck out. Then last year—July 19, 2012—I made a memory just as good. It was the last day of high adventure summer camp with a bunch of close friends, and I spent the last evening sleeping in a hammock in the rain (yes, I did that) and trying to enjoy the last hours of my last summer camp.

So yes. July 19th is pretty important to me, for the most random of reasons. And thus, I was in an especially nostalgic mood today when something struck me. I unknowingly played a little game, which I’ll spell out for everyone now.

Wrong kind, wrong kind!

Wrong kind, wrong kind!


A Fun and Completely Made Up Nostalgia Game

Alrighty, players, here’s how it works.


Step 1: Pick a form of media you enjoy

It can be personal photographs, music, movies, whatever. Heck, pick memories! That isn’t technically media, but it’ll work.

The version I played was with photographs, and that probably works the best. But, choose what you like.


Step 2: Pick out your top five favorites of this media

So essentially your top five favorite photographs, songs, or movies. Don’t overcomplicate this! You probably have your top five favorite photos hanging up in your room, or saved in a computer folder, or in your list of old phone backgrounds. If you don’t know what your top five favorite songs are, look at your “Top 25 played” playlist in iTunes (that’s a fun game all on its own, let me tell you). And I can safely assume you have at least three, if not five, favorite movies.

Everyone have their “five favorites” of their chosen media?


Step 3: Count how many of these five items existed a year ago

Again, don’t overcomplicate this. Look at your five favorite songs, movies, pictures or memories and see how many of them existed on July 19, 2012 (or a year ago from whenever you’re reading this).


Step 4: The Results

Here’s the part I really wanted to blog about, and I’m sorry that this game doesn’t have a spectacular and fun ending. But I hope it was interesting to you.

Allow me to give some background: I came up with this post when I was sitting in my room. I have a wall right next to my bed with eight photos hanging up, eight of my favorite ones. Two are from Prom, two are from my senior class trip to Boston, two are of my Ideal Readers and I, one is from my 18th birthday party, and one is from my Senior Week trip.

I glanced at these today, and I realized something: that while summer camp one year ago might FEEL like yesterday, it wasn’t. And no matter how clearly I remember one year ago, not a single one of these pictures had been taken back then. With my five favorite songs, four of them were released after July 2012. Favorite movies? Same thing. I was blown away by how much had happened in what felt like no time at all.

As usual with my posts, you’re probably wondering what the point of all this is. I don’t really know. It does make me feel better to know I can go one year and build all these memories but still stay the same person. I still act the same as in 2012, which is (was) one of my main worries about summer next year. I’ll have finished my freshman year of college, and I’m a little nervous how that’s going to change me.

But, who says it will? With any luck, I’ll be sitting here typing one year from now, still with the same personality and same love for the friends I made throughout high school.

Except hopefully, I’ll have another group of pictures. Not to replace the old set…just to hang right beside it.


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