Blog Announcement: To Any Prospective Eagle Scouts

“It’s better to give than to receive. Especially advice.”

–  Mark Twain


Hi everyone! You’ve probably noticed I’ve been blogging less than usual this past week or so. Strange…it’s summer, so I should be annoying you with even more posts, right? But actually, now that I’m not in school, I’m busy doing everything I couldn’t do while in school (the list includes but is not limited to writing, several projects around the house, seeing my friends when I can, and preparing for college orientation).

Regretfully, today’s post is short and probably not all that useful. It’s more of an announcement, really. After working on it for a few weeks and getting it approved by all the right people, I’m proud to finally unveil a SECOND WordPress site I’ve created!

I earned my Eagle Scout rank back in March 2011. At that time, I wrote down all of the advice I could think of for how I completed my project. This includes finding an Eagle project, planning it out, all the paperwork afterwards, etc.

I then put said advice in a kind of manuscript for a guidebook. But when I sat down and looked over it a few months ago, I realized that it would do far better in website form.

SO, not to beat a dead horse here: if you enjoy my style of writing and think my guide posts on publishing are useful—and, most importantly, if you’re looking to start on your Eagle Scout Project—then please check out my web site, which I’ll post the link for below. It mainly details how to plan out an Eagle Scout project from start to finish, along with offering a few anecdotes and humorous bits along the way.

So, if you or someone you know is looking to start on their Eagle Scout Project but isn’t quite sure how to go about it, please feel free to look around my site:

Hope at least some people find it useful!


2 thoughts on “Blog Announcement: To Any Prospective Eagle Scouts

  1. L. Marie says:

    Congrats on earning that rank. (For some reason, the like button isn’t loading. So consider this a like.)

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