Here’s To Right Now (As I Start 11th Grade)

“Time is not meant to be grasped and hoarded, but rather wrung dry of all its juices then let go.”

–  Ean for Truddi Chase


The end of high school is starting to hit me. Today I’ll ride the bus for the last time (I get to drive Monday and Tuesday), and my grades close out this afternoon. You may have noticed, I’ve put a countdown on the side panel indicating how much time I have left in this place.

As promised, from now until Tuesday I’ll be posting articles I wrote a while back at the start and end of each school year. The first time I wrote one of these was at the beginning of Junior year, the night before my first day back to school.

Hope you enjoy it, and please forgive the sub-par writing (I wrote this almost two years ago and didn’t change a word in the re-post).


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today was an eventful last day of summer, between the earthquake and my first day as an upperclassmen nearly within reach.

School. Earthquake. Blah.

I’m kind of wishing I had a Deviantart or some sort of blog right now…not only because all of my friends have one, but because I’m starting to wish people would actually, you know, READ these kinds of articles.

But anyway. Who needs them? I’ll just write anyway!

Just kidding. Hope somebody reads this.

[I swear, that’s what I wrote back then, word for word.]

Anyway. Today I was sitting, typing out the plots to a trilogy of books I had in mind (ready to start it!) when I felt a shaking under my chair.

I didn’t think much of it, but still got up to go talk to my mom, who was sitting in the living room.

“Hey mom, did you feel any—”


Everything started shaking violently.

I’ve never, ever been in an earthquake, and it was pretty freaking scary. I remember whispering, “Oh, my God…” and looking around as the whole house shook around me. My mom, sister and I all dove into the bathroom, not knowing what was happening.

Because here’s the thing: If we lived in California, we would’ve been a lot calmer. But we don’t get earthquakes like that here on the East coast…so we didn’t even know if that’s what it was. It was just unreal to this area.

So, on a completely different subject:

Tonight is the last night—EVER—of Summer 2011.


My book bag is packed, and my schedule is printed. Nothing left to do but write and sleep.

In truth, I really like the first day of school…it’s just the other 179 that are the problem. And when I think about it…this will be my second-to-last ‘first day of school’ ever. EVER.



Today I just put my head in my hands and said to no one: “It’s been a good summer, hasn’t it?”

Yeah. It has.

I finished quite a few manuscripts…I’d say that’s my biggest lasting accomplishment. I also hung out with my friends a lot, had my Eagle Scout Ceremony, and got that stupid homework done. Next year, I want to finish it before July.

I did all my usual “end of summer” traditions tonight. I got some new shirts at JC Penny (classy, I know), watched the Season One Finale of Legend of the Seeker, and drank a big glass of root beer. Same routine I’ve been doing at the end of summer since high school started.

Today I told myself, here’s to the past. Because I’m one of those people who always lives in the past…who wishes they could re-live their eighth grade year a few times, see all the middle school friends who they haven’t talked to for almost a year now.

But tonight, I decided something.

Wishing for the past won’t make it happen. All I can do is enjoy each moment as it comes. And so, tonight, I amended my phrase.

Here’s to right now.


I’ll try and write again soon, though I might get swamped with work. Who knows?

So, if anyone ever reads this, cool. Just live, laugh, etc…and wish me luck in eleventh grade.


2 thoughts on “Here’s To Right Now (As I Start 11th Grade)

  1. L. Marie says:

    You’re fortunate in that you can blog about your experiences and can look back on this time. Congrats on this milestone. What’s next for you?

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