Here’s to 11th Grade: Year in Review

“One day, you’ll be just a memory for some people. Do your best to be a good one.”

–  Unknown


I said I’d post this tomorrow night (Saturday), but seeing as I’ll be away from my internet at that time, I have to post it today. I wrote this the night before my last day of 11th grade.


June 7, 2012

June has always been my favorite part of the year, and it’s still hard to accept that I’m in the middle of my favorite month right now.

But what’s even stranger to me is that tomorrow is the last time I’ll go to my favorite teacher’s room, that I’ll have to speak Spanish or get to hear my Gov teacher tell an awesome story. It’s also the last time I’ll ever eat cafeteria food or be with my unforgettable AP Chemistry friends.

The phrase ‘it feels like yesterday’ is overused in our society, but I can only think of a handful of situations where it’s more appropriate than right now. I repeated my start- and end-of-school-year habits tonight, including watching the “Legend of the Seeker” Season finale and working on my prequel trilogy. I typed the first sentence of that nine months ago, on my last day of summer, and tonight, I typed the last sentence of the third and final book.

And in repeating all these, I noticed something: I was just doing this. Three dances, five holidays, three AP Tests, two SAT’s, thirty-six weeks and two semesters ago, I was doing this. And I was about to enter 11th grade. I was ready then…I’m sure NOT ready now. Not in any way, shape or form. I don’t feel like a Senior; I’m not ready to be a Senior.

But it’s going to happen as it always does, so I’d just like to think of all the good things that happened this year.

It kicked off with an earthquake and a hurricane, which was nice, but the real opener to the intensity was a birthday party I went to in October 2011, which had enough dancing to make me tired for the next week. Which was a shame, because that next week happened to be Spirit Week.

From there was an awesome Homecoming, Thanksgiving break, a great Christmas party, an incredible New Year’s celebration at my best friend’s house, and so on.

Then there was the really great stuff: Prom, post-AP testing activities, and finally this past week.

I would go on about how fast the time’s gone, but I want to wait to say that. Because right now I’m only mildly mind-blown, and I know in a few months (which feel like days), I’ll be freaking out even more. Then I can say just how scarily fast this all is blowing me by.

For now, then, here’s to summer, and hoping it’ll drag out as much as school did.

To dragging it out, and an amazing last day of not being a Senior.

To anyone reading this, wish me luck for the summer. It’s been an amazing year.


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