Zip Your Face (Movie Review: Date Night)

(Looking around Tripplehorns’ apartment) “They stabbed a chicken nugget…with a SHARPIE. These are bad people.”

–  Claire Foster, Date Night


Date Night posterComedies are a tough sell with me, always. A lot of things that the majority of people find funny, I just don’t. And one thing near the top of my list of things that annoy me is when all of the funny parts of a comedy are in the trailer.

That being said, when I saw the trailer for Date Night back in March of 9th grade (2010), I knew I wanted to see it. It was released on Friday, April 9th, two days before my birthday…and so, on April 10th, a few close friends and I went to see it in theaters.

It was the best comedy I’d ever seen.

Now, that’s not necessarily true three years later. It’s still my favorite comedy, but at this point that stems from personal taste and nostalgia. That being said, it’s still an awesome film, and I’d like to give a quick review of it, now that we’re coming up on the three year anniversary of me seeing it in theaters. That made my fifteenth birthday worthwhile, and since I’m almost an adult, I thought the movie was worth devoting a post to.

If you haven’t seen it already, please do. The funny parts of this movie are barely touched upon in the trailer, and while it isn’t the most laugh-out-loud film of all time, it’s solid. For one thing, who doesn’t love Steve Carell and Tina Fey? I can’t pick which one of them I like more, honestly, between The Office and Mean Girls (yes, I’ve seen it. AND I LIKED IT).

They’re at their best here, in my opinion, and they do pretty well at playing fortysomething parents who…oh goodness, I haven’t done my usual premise intro, have I?

The premise: Two fortysomething parents, Phil and Claire Foster, decide to go on a romantic date in New York City. But, since they didn’t make reservations, they have to steal the reservations of another couple—the Tripplehorns—who never showed up at the restaurant.

Well, turns out the Tripplehorns are in trouble with one of the top gang leaders in New York, and soon Phil and Claire are running for their lives through the city. They go to track down the real Tripplehorns (played by the hysterical James Franco and Mila Kunis), to straighten everything out.

There were so many things I liked about this movie, but I can’t really list too many of them without spoiling things. The recurring jokes are all great, from the sideways gun to the shirtless hacker to Steve Carell’s best tough guy line, “Zip your face!”

The movie keeps it short and mostly sweet. It’s an hour and twenty minutes, and while it takes around ten, fifteen minutes to get funny, it isn’t disappointing when it does.

In addition, if you like car chases, small romantic touches, or a more than generous dose of snarkiness, you get all that with this movie. It’s a fun ride overall.

For those who have seen it: my favorite part, hands down, is the taxi driver. The first time I saw it, I was literally having trouble breathing for how hard I was laughing.

So, in conclusion: people, please see this movie if you haven’t already. It’s not just well acted, action packed, or funny. It’s also just plain fun.

Alright, enough of my rambling. I’ll zip my face now.

Rate: 9 out of 10.


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