This Is (Silent Pause) Awesome

“Today is the youngest you’ll ever be, start appreciating it. It’s also the oldest you’ve ever been, start acting like it.”

–  Unknown


I feel like anyone who reads my blog posts knows which ones to filter by now, but I still feel I should tack my usual warning on: my Boy Scout troop goes camping once a month, and it’s time once again for me to post about my most recent adventure. Caution: contains subject material filled with boring droning and random spells of nostalgia. Has been known to cause extreme lethargy and the robust urge to close internet browser/engage in other activities, such as playing Temple Run 2.

That being said, here we go.

As I’ve said before, my troop’s campouts operate on a cycle. Every October we go to the same campground, every December we go to the same lodge…and every February, we go to the same military base. We drive up Friday night, sleep in barracks, then spend Saturday touring a few cool ships.

Okay, so not technically a campout. Sue me.

This trip was, as with my other camping posts, the last of many I’d done in past years. I believe this was my fifth time going, and it was probably one of the best.

The drive up was uneventful, more or less. I mostly listened to music and thought through chapter one of my manuscript, which I was almost finished writing. I thought about completing it, but my lazy gears kicked in, and I ended up just relaxing. We stopped at a gas station on the way up, and I bought mega candy dots to share amongst our carful of scouts. Then we stopped again at McDonald’s. I didn’t eat meat because of Lent—which I was fine with, considering the documentary my AP Bio class watched earlier that day on Mad Cow Disease—so I went with medium fries, a small Oreo McFlurry, and one apple pie. Which totaled 1190 calories, in case you were wondering.

Once we got to the barracks, I jumped in a conversation with the other scouts comparing famous alumni from local schools. I tried once again to finish chapter one, but didn’t make any progress. My brain was bent on relaxing.


The beds: comfier than they look.

Saturday morning started off with two great things: getting to look at a tank, and having the most solid breakfast I’ve eaten in a while. This breakfast included fruit loops, eggs, bacon, sausage, French toast, and a huge cup of chocolate milk.

The fun part, though, was getting to sit with three of my friends in the troop—one who might be going to the same college as me, and twins one grade younger—and getting to talk about random older scout stuff, like our favorite parts of A Haunted House and the strangest Urban Dictionary words we’ve seen, and the music video for the song “Thrift Shop,” which I reviewed in my last blog post. We all concluded by singing the refrain obnoxiously loud: “I’m gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket…I-I’m huntin’, lookin’ for a comma, this is (silently paused for cuss word) awesome!”

And it was indeed pretty awesome.

Time until lunch was spent touring a destroyer ship, which was cool, though I got nervous when they let the younger scouts play around with the controls that fired missiles. I would post pictures, but everything had a sticker on it that said “top secret,” including the hole punch sitting on the desk. I can only assume it was reserved for punching holes in secret papers.

The afternoon was spent touring a carrier, which was equally cool. But honestly, as cool as the ships were, I’d seen ones similar to it for the past five years. What I hadn’t been doing for the past five years was eating breakfast with some really close friends, all older scouts, talking about older scout stuff like college and AP tests and arguing over which girls at school we thought were hot. Lunch was spent doing the same thing, talking and enjoying our last year on this campout, eating so much that we got close to throwing up. Just hanging out, singing the refrain to “Thrift Shop,” which got stupider each time.

Then, on the drive home, I finally finished chapter one. Which means everything I can do to prepare my manuscript for send-off is done. It’s out of my hands now, which is a relaxing feeling. I kept it in mind as we drove home that night, with me driving over the bridge and looking over the brightly lit city while listening to Maroon 5’s “Daylight.”

And it was pretty (silent pause) awesome.