“My dear sir, I have read your manuscript. Oh, my dear sir.”

Hi! If you’re reading this, it means you’ve stumbled (accidentally or otherwise) into the little space of internet into which I’m going to dump all of my thoughts on anything and everything. But mostly on writing…maybe a few other topics on the side. That being said, I’d recommend buckling up, because this is going to be a lot like a roller coaster: full of ups and downs, with a mix of nervous thrills and the constant threat of everything falling apart under you.


I’m going to try out the whole epigraph-per-post thing; I’ll ditch it if it makes me seem too serious. But the first words of this blog are those that a famous author once received in a rejection letter from a publisher, and the reason I chose to share those is because I believe all blogging is about writing, to some extent. At the very least, you have to be good at writing in order to have a blog people like. And, for some people (myself included), all they talk about is writing, and writing their own writings. I’m writing about writing within writing, see?

(Pause to grab a life vest as my reader ship begins to sink.)

As you’ll kindly notice on the right, I have spaces for archives, a post calendar, a ‘follow blog’ button (forceful cough) and above all of those, a ‘categories’ section. As soon as I start posting, various categories will start appearing. But they’re hiding from us right now, so I’ll just have to tell you what they are.

As I said, most of my posts will be about writing. That means my experiences with it, including outlining plots, revising, writing synopses, slaving over query letters, and the life of a part-time author. Except, unlike many other bloggers that address the subject, you can rest assured that I’ve never been published before!

In all seriousness, I think that actually gives me some credibility. Think about it…I’ve been writing for years and never gotten past the ‘literary agent search’ stage. I have years’ worth of advice on what not to do. And believe me, if there’s one thing I’ve learned with writing, it’s that there are certain rules you can’t break. Unless, of course… (And so it begins).

The point: hear my horrible mistakes. Let me guide you with my ignorance.


In addition, I’ll be talking about movies, books, and pretty much any other things worth commenting on. Because that’s what bloggers do, right? Talk and talk and talk about whatever they want. And trust me, reader…I can talk.


One more thing before you go, because my self-confidence is low enough that I’m not sure if you’ll be back: I want to explain the name of this blog. Because no, I’m not a totally insane guy who uses outdated texting language when selecting a blog name. I’m a partially insane guy who has a slightly better reason.

I think we can follow the ‘super opinionated’ thing. But the 8? ¿Qué Pasa?

One of the books I’ve written has a protagonist who was inspired by the main character from Super 8, a 2011 sci-fi drama thriller that I couldn’t recommend enough. The acting all around is incredible, and the story is simplistic yet gripping. I’m not saying it’s the best movie ever made…I just think it is. That being said, Super 8, here’s your homage.

And so, here we are. You’ve just spent a handful of minutes that you may or may not want back, and I’ve spent a bit longer than that trying to decide if I’m rambling with a purpose or just plain rambling. It’s remarkable how close the two coincide.

But, at the very least, you can say you learned, right? You now know that yet another blog has emerged to make its ever-so-faint mark on the internet; you learned I’ll be talking a lot, and that snails breathe through their feet.

Wait, maybe that one wasn’t mentioned earlier…

And you also learned that all writers, good or bad, receive rejections when trying to publish their work. They get that cold slap on paper, just like the famous author I mentioned at the start of this post.

That author was Oscar Wilde, by the way.